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经济学 & 创业





The 经济学 Department benefits from a multi-disciplinary approach to the discipline, as well as a commitment to the depth of experiential learning that comes from applying economic theory. 学生, 通常在上面的形式, may choose to pursue a program oriented around the capital markets by studying economics and personal finance, or may apply to participate in the 创业研究 Program, a three-course program oriented around the theory and practice of building an organization around a novel concept. Embedded in this program is a college-level economics course designed to better prepare students for further study of the discipline.


Your experience in the department centers on our belief that boys best 学习通过. The theories of personal finance are cemented through an annual mock portfolio competition and an active investment club on campus overseen by the 经济学 faculty. The theories of supply and demand find real meaning in the student demand schedules created by the student agencies operating on campus (see the 创业研究 Overview). 作为一名创业研究专业的学生,你将创造, 开发, 和捍卫, 给学校行政部门, 真正的商业计划, 向学院申请批准和种子资金. Many go on to put these plans into action as Independent Study Projects during the sixth form year.

经济学 & 十大正规网赌网址的创业研究课程:

十大正规网赌网址的学术生活是激励人心的. 十大正规网赌网址的老师、教练和导师都是出类拔萃的. They bring passion and expertise into their intimate classroom settings. 协作, 创新, 解决问题, 创造力, and civic responsibility are just some of the principles that guide 索尔斯堡 School’s educational model. 最重要的是, these men and women partner with you each day and always with the highest expectations. 
学术生活主任Sarah Mulrooney



This year long course introduces students to fundamental economic concepts and emphasizes how the principles of economics relate to each other and to the overall structure of economic systems. 学生将使用经济概念来更好地分析, 理解并解释个人, 社区, 国家和全球经济问题. 虽然不是数学课, students will use measurement concepts and methods such as tables, 图表, 图, 比率, percentages and index numbers to understand and interpret relevant data. 在适用情况下, Excel skills will be 开发ed and strengthened as spreadsheets are utilized in the investigation of economic concepts. From time to time, guest speakers and field trips may be incorporated into the curriculum.


创业 in 历史 – 学生 will gain an appreciation of the role of entrepreneurs in history through the investigation of entrepreneurship in different sectors and time periods. The interrelationship between scientific/technological discoveries and entrepreneurial 开发ment will also be examined. 学生 explore a myriad of applications of algebra in the world of business. 主题包括对会计的介绍, 微观经济学理论, corporate valuation and the many implications of the time value of money. The spreadsheet is taught and used extensively as a learning and presentation medium.

Business Ethics – Interspersed throughout the course and interwoven within projects, 将讨论商业道德的话题, debated and acted upon over the first two trimesters and put in practice in 开发ing and executing the business plan.