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“This is what we do here in 教堂 – it is not just a way to get together like school meetings or assemblies. It is a unique and holy way to be a community in the presence of the One who makes us one, so that our lives might be shaped to honor that gift with gratitude and joy as we continue on our journey beyond these walls as individuals and as a school community.”    牧师. Hall, Opening 教堂 2014


Founded in the Episcopalian tradition, 索尔斯堡 School values the 教堂 as a central part of the 索尔斯堡 experience.

教堂 on the Hilltop. It is there that the school is brought together to pause, to reflect beyond our daily routine and to consider what it means to be a child of God. Honoring the variety of faith traditions represented in this community as well as the diverse paths of spirituality, the 教堂 does not expect students to confess in one particular tradition but rather invites them to consider what lies beyond, as it is described in readings, reflected on in 教堂 talks, celebrated through music and reached for in prayer.




As part of our mission to nurture the spiritual lives of the school community, everyone gathers for chapel on Tuesday and Friday mornings. A typical service may include music, readings, student musicians, a brief talk and prayer. While we host outside speakers, the most memorable 教堂 talks come from within the school community from a member of the faculty, staff or from a fellow student. The opportunity to participate in a community Eucharist is offered to the entire 索尔斯堡 community on a regular basis in connection with weekly 教堂 services.

The 教堂 provides a space for the community to gather as we consider and celebrate the ways that we are all connected.





In addition to attending 教堂, students have the opportunity to participate in the 教堂 program by joining the Vestry. This student group oversees 教堂 services and assists in various ways as leaders, 读者, 主持人, acolytes and ushers. It is always a fun group of guys who appreciate and support the role of 教堂 in the life of 索尔斯堡 School.

Students interested in joining the 教区委员会 should contact Reverend Hall.





Annual events in the 教堂 become milestones in the life of this community. 每年, the 教堂 continues new and old traditions that have enriched the 索尔斯堡 experience for many students and alumni. Two of our long-standing traditions are the Hanging of the Greens Service and pageant, as well as a traditional Anglican Service of Nine Lessons and Carols. Additional services held throughout the school year include holy day observances, a Parent’s Weekend Convocation and 校友 Weekend remembrances. Weddings, memorial services, and baptisms are also held in the school's chapel.

教堂 Speakers:

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