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Banner of Salisbury campus with red and white text over top

In honor of their sons and the class of 2022, the parents of the sixth form are directing their collective philanthropy to help fund the building


Final project will represent a reflection of this rendering.

      Final project will represent a reflection of this rendering.


To honor the Class of 2022 and recognize their meaningful and layered partnership with 教师, the project for this year’s 六年级的礼物 will be the construction of two faculty residences. To continue to retain and to attract top talent to a rural boarding school, 住房是一个关键组成部分. In the last twenty years, Salisbury School has greatly expanded its on-campus living space. This happened as we grew the enrollment of the School by more than fifty students. 作为一个结果, Salisbury was able to expand our classroom and program offerings with additional depth and talent to an already committed team of faculty members. 简单地说, our Head of School and Dean of Faculty had the opportunity to sculpt our most important resource, 教师, to fit the educational vision we all had for the boys. 然而, 自2020年以来, regional housing prices and a limited real estate inventory have only compounded the strategic need for the School to build on this competitive advantage that is now in a precarious position. Since our core business is creating and enhancing the relational learning opportunities for our boys with a dynamic and talented faculty, there is nothing more important to help us preserve our mission.

增长带来了机遇, in order to perpetuate and preserve our strengths, additional faculty housing is an essential component of our strategic plan. With the generosity of our parents, Salisbury plans to raise $750,000 for new faculty housing.  We hope you will join your fellow parents in participating in this impactful gift that is deeply rooted in Salisbury tradition.

To best achieve our mission of being the premier school for boys, Salisbury must attract and retain a passionate and dedicated group of faculty to serve as teachers, 导师, 导师, 教练, 还有男孩们的模特. The life of a boarding school educator is unique in the professional world, and it requires a special type of person to devote their life to engaging with boys during the academic day, 放学后在排练厅, 在运动场上, and in the dormitories at night and on weekends. Greater flexibility in the housing pool will be transformational for the school and support those who have the greatest impact on the boys and their experience on the Hilltop.

十大正规网赌网址网赌正规平台网址教员的家. Adding more campus housing will ensure that our faculty have a comfortable place to return to at the end of a long day. It will give the school more options for its current community, and will add flexibility as we look to hire teachers to educate and care for future generations of Knights. The challenges of hiring and retaining a diverse and skilled faculty are numerous, and in recent years we have experienced several housing challenges as the local housing markets have forced us to look increasingly from a smaller radius that allows for daily commuting.


“对于网赌正规平台网址的教员来说,十大正规网赌网址就是家. Adding more campus housing will ensure that our faculty have a comfortable place to return to at the end of a long day."

——学院院长Jon Siff


Final project will represent a reflection of this rendering.

class of 2022 六年级的礼物 Committee




Andre和Michael Koester
Elizabeth和David Mathus
Giuseppina和Matthew Phillips
Dana和Dan Rice
Patricia和Alan Sadayasu


  • Class of 2010: Stadium Seating at Wachtmeister Field
  • Class of 2011: Endowed Teaching Fellowship
  • Class of 2012: Restoration and Renovation to the Main Building Entrance
  • Class of 2013: Global Classroom and Video Conferencing Center
  • Class of 2014: Restoring and Preserving the Historic Main Building's North Dormitory
  •  Class of 2015: Restoring Salisbury's Academic and College Offices in the Historic Main Building
  •  Class of 2016: Endowed Teaching Fellowship
  • 2017届:四合院改造
  • Class of 2018: Belin Lodge Renovation  
  • Class of 2019: Renovation of the Miles P.H. 塞弗特的53个剧场
  • Class of 2020: Performing 艺术 Center
  • Class of 2021: Renovation of Langdon 教堂



1991年秋天, Salisbury parents began a tradition whereby parents of the Sixth Form banded together to collectively honor their sons and to express gratitude to the School for its role in their sons’ development.

通过第六种形式的礼物, Salisbury parents have contributed more than $16 million to create permanently endowed academic chairs and fellowships, increase the availability of financial aid, and support faculty and staff development as well as fund new academic, 运动, 和住宅设施.

最近, 重建斯宾塞庄园, new walkways in the Class of 2017 Academic Quadrangle, 贝林小屋的改造, and funds donated for an update of the Miles P. Seifert ’53 剧院 and Performing 艺术 Center are all gifts of Sixth Form families. This tradition has had a transformational impact on the Salisbury community.